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EC&M News Feed

Which states pay electrical professionals the most? \n\nread more\n \n
The BAT622 6.0 Ah, 18V FatPack-style battery offers up to 45% more runtime than standard 4.0 Ah packs\n\nread more\n \n
IEEE has announced enhancements to IEEE 80, IEEE Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding.\n\nread more\n \n
A Beaumont, Texas, electrician alleges several entities committed acts that cost him a business contract with the Beaumont school district and has filed a $22 million federal lawsuit.\n\n\nread more\n \n
Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) isolating transformers are certified to EN 61558-1, EN 61558-2-6, and the latest edition of EN 60335-1.\n\nread more\n \n
Three men were transported to various hospitals earlier this week after receiving burns from an electrical explosion at the West Virginia Manufacturing facility.\n\nread more\n \n
Here is a simple method for estimating the actual load on an electric motor without special equipment. \n\nread more\n \n
Most motors in petrochemical plants are located in hazardous (classified) areas. \n\nread more\n \n
This line of zinc die-cast squeeze connectors with grounding lug is designed to connect and bond flexible metal conduit \n\nread more\n \n
With more and more oil and gas projects being executed in areas of the world where they do not follow National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements, it is important for engineers, contractors, and designers who are responsible for building and designing these systems here in the United States to understand the standards they need to follow when building electrical packages for international projects. Listed below are some of the key documents and standards organizations to review if you plan on executing projects overseas.\n\nread more\n \n