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EC&M News Feed

A Clearwater, Florida, city employee who had been working with the electrical system at a softball complex died on the job Wednesday.\n\nread more\n \n
Following further analysis of the permit process and man-hours involved with mechanical and electrical permits, the Ocean City, Md., mayor and city council voted to raise the fee to a minimum of $65.\n\nread more\n \n
The Mighty-Hold duplex universal steel one-hole strap features a spring-loaded finger\n\nread more\n \n
\n\n \n \n \n Amy Fischbach, Freelance Writer\n \n\n\nThanks to evolving mobile technology, small electrical contractors now have the ability to access information that only a large contractor with a large staff had the resources to do before.\n\nread more\n \n
With the opening this week of the Systems Engineering Building at the Department of Energy\'s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory\n\nread more\n \n
The Orbeon LED parking garage and canopy luminaire features optional Beaconnect Lighting Control technology\n\nread more\n \n
An electrician has been charged with arson in a massive fire that destroyed a New York State Thruway Larchmont salt shed last week.\n\nread more\n \n
These seven lighting control strategies offer potential savings of anywhere from 5% to 60% of total lighting load.\n\n\nread more\n \n
The LW-600P is the market’s first app-enabled label printer\n\nread more\n \n
Leading building engineering services bodies have offered their full support for the new sector-wide BIM readiness survey\n\nread more\n \n